Moments to Treasure

Thoughts running around my head after a couple of days in my daughter’s soon-to-be college home.


MomentsToTreasureThoughts running around my head after a couple of days in my daughter’s soon-to-be college home.

Moments to Treasure

  • Independence in Your Teenager. As frustrating as it can be when you are within the same walls, it is this same independence that will provide you comfort that they will be able to handle themselves when you are not around.
  • Future Activities. You discover an Escape Room. Your teen immediately begins to formulate a trip there with her future dorm friends. By the time you leave town, three new friends have said, “I’m in.”
  • When your child says, “Yay, a fair trade shop.
  • Enjoying the trip home with your teenager who will be staying behind next time you make this trip.
  • The Time between now and move-in day: a turtle’s pace for your teenager and at the speed of light for you.


When You See Your Life in a Thistle Plant

Apparently I like to compare my life to a thistle plant when I go walking in silence.

I went on a walk/kind-of-a-jog, this morning, and kept seeing thistle plants.

I got all metaphorical looking at them. I mean, here is a tough plant. Considered a weed around here, it has solid stalks that hold the flowers in place as they sit in a variety of stages of life. A few ends are not even open yet, some are in full blossom, and others have turned brown and have served their purpose. A lone bee sits on one end gathering pollen, and I can’t help but see my life in this plant.

The stages of life that are ending; careers and jobs that have served me well; friendships that may have had their season; the journeys that are about to begin; and the life experiences that keep me grounded through the happy and the suck moments in life.

It is easy to get caught up in the moments at the end of the flower but remembering the big picture and that it all fits together (even though I may not see it now), can keep me grounded and make the next season even better.

Hmmm, this is apparently where my mind goes when I don’t listen to podcasts.

Thistle with text,"When you recognize yourl ife in a thistle plant."
Thistle be my thought for the day.

#3 How to make others respect your time at home. Part 2: It is all about me.

A continuation from my last post: The tremendous power in changing your thoughts about where you are in life.


After my last post, our family decided to move. With the move happening in about a week, I had to put my time online on hold. Considering I am only working on this site to improve my WordPress skills (and hopefully, share something helpful along the way), I put this site on hold (briefly) to jump into decluttering, simplifying (we are downsizing) and packing.

The finish line is near. 🙂

So back to how to make others respect your time. In my last post, I discussed the first step which is to begin to notice your thoughts about your time. My guess is if you feel disrespected about your work at home, the thoughts you have about being at home are not positive.

Really? Really.

This was the truth for me.

For example, you could have someone ask you the question, “What do you do for a living? Do you work?”

From that question, your internal thought process could go a million different ways.

Let’s look at two extremes:

Sheesh. THIS question again. It is like I HAVE to have a job outside of the home to have any importance.


I’m so excited to share with them that I’m lucky enough to be able to be home at this time in my life. I wish everyone had this opportunity.

Try each of these thoughts “on.” What emotions do they bring up for you? When you have those differing emotions, how do you think your actions play out from thinking those thoughts?

Pay attention to your thoughts this week. Don’t try to change them. Just notice them.

This is a big step. It takes time, and it isn’t a button you can just turn on. You have to work continuously on it. But learning that YOU are in control of your feelings takes all of the power in your life and puts it in your hands. It is ALL about YOU.

Have a wonderful week.

PS – If you like where this is going, you will enjoy Brooke Castillo’s work at The Life Coach School – I like her podcasts, and also Byron Katie’s: The Work.