Scanning and Shredding

I am currently working on downsizing the paperwork and photos in our home.

Finally working on minimalizing papers.

My daughter has successfully begun college! She’s doing great, and that makes this particular transition super easy on me. Thanks, sweetie!

I have been diving into a few projects of my own, while I have approximately four weeks of what the outside world would consider, “off.” One of these projects is to scan and shred items that have no reason to be taking up physical space in our home, anymore. Those “memories” of past years, and some boring documents, too.

The first few piles haven’t been bad, as they were boxes of documents that have moved from the last two homes without being opened. Kind of easy to know I don’t need these papers regularly. 🙂

Help: I am listening to The Minimalists podcast while doing this to keep me in the right frame of mind.

Note: I procrastinated starting this project, but have now reached a bit of a groove with it. With each box I empty, we gain more space in our apartment, and it is less that I need to clean around/dust. Woo hoo! Win, win!

#8 Why I Love Baking Soda

I love baking soda. ♥ It can do so many things and is inexpensive. Here are my top five uses of baking soda.

I love baking soda. ♥ It can do so many things and is inexpensive. My top five uses of baking soda are:

  1. Cleaning Toilets (deodorizes and cleans at the same time). No vinegar needed, just some elbow grease.
  2. Cleaning Sinks
  3. Deodorizing Carpets – see my post about cat poop. 🙂
  4. Removing Build-up From Hair
  5. Deodorize Garbage Cans

How do you use baking soda? Any tips or tricks?

Two boxes of baking soda sit on a counter.
The super powers of baking soda.