#6 Cat Poop Around the House

Why cat poop around the house should be no surprise.


For a while, we were finding cat poop around the house quite often. Thankfully, we’ve made changes to our cat’s diet that (at least for now) that has fixed our poop problem.

When we were in the onslaught of deliveries, it never failed to appear at the most inopportune time.

In the beginning, I was a stress fest, but by the end of the “run” I learned to pad plenty of time around almost anything I had planned, “just in case.”

Something to Know: our cat has three legs. He was having trouble getting himself clean for a while, so to remedy the situation, he would scoot around the carpet dragging his butt.

Tripod kitty on a chair with an arrow labeled "culprit" pointing to him.
Tripod Kitty on a Chair

Oh my, if you were lucky enough to catch him in the act, it was difficult not to smile – or laugh.

Anyway, one of the things I was working on at the time was to wrap my mind around the fact that whatever happened in my day was supposed to happen and to just go with it. It didn’t go well at first, but by the end of our “poop trials,” I would look at the skid mark across our carpet and truly think, “Well, of course, he did that. Now he feels better; we are trying to figure out the cause; and in the meantime, my carpets are cleaner than they’ve ever been b/c I’m cleaning them thoroughly so darn often.”


When you look at something that your mind has decided shouldn’t be there, and realize that maybe your expectations are what is wrong, not the circumstances, life can get interesting, in a super fun way.

Plus, how can you be upset with this face?


#2 How to make others respect your time at home. Part 1: Cat-Thinking

The power of changing your thoughts about your life and circumstances. Think someone disrespects your life choices? Could it be that YOU don’t even respect where you are in life?

We have a three-legged cat. We found him at a local shelter. He is so sure about who he is ( in having three legs) that we did not even notice the missing limb until he was taken out of his cage and placed on the shelter floor. It was only then that we witnessed what we thought was a “limp.”

He stole our hearts, at the shelter, by turning upside down, showing us his belly and his large yellow eyes.

He has been with our family for over two years now. There are days that I completely forget he is missing a leg and it isn’t until I pay attention to his walking that I am reminded of his tripod kittiness.

I believe our cat is the same cat he would be with a fourth leg. Seriously, when his left ear has an itch, his left back stump shakes as if it is reaching his ear. This is where we wonder – is he gaining any relief from this action?

He is who he is. He doesn’t care what I think of him – it doesn’t change him.

Right about now you are probably wondering, “What does this have to do with how people treat you?”

Well, we need that “cat-thinking.”

The following is a hard truth but if you find that most people are not respecting you in your role at home; or respect your time at home, it is highly likely that YOU don’t respect yourself in that role. Sit with that. Really.

Do you respect your time at home?

Do you give it the same priority as you would give a job outside of the home that you may have?

Whether you are being paid, or not; whether you work full time or part time; you have something in your life that you have to do.

Why should you treat it with less importance because it is work in the home? My thought is, we shouldn’t. We should learn to be the best version of us that we can be so that we may gain peace and happiness in every moment of the day.

Whether those around us understand our daily lives or not, it should have no impact on how we feel about ourselves. We need to develop cat-thinking in our lives, to own who we are. The outside world can love us – or not; it should have no impact on our daily peace. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Let’s get there together.

ACTION ITEM: Pay attention to the thoughts in your mind, this week. How do you feel about your time at home? What are your thoughts about your work at home? Are you proud of what you do every day? Click here to open a printable I created for this blog post (check your thinking).

Cat respect, Respect Yourself Haiku
Cat Respect, Respect Yourself Haiku


I want their respect.

To value my time and life.

It begins with me.

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