Well, thanks for stopping by (big waves to you)!

I guess this is where I assume you want to know a bit about me.

I am a multipotentialite and a homeschooling mother. My past lives include theater work (musical theater mostly), restaurant work, software programmer/analyst, balloon artist (certified in decor, too), author administrative support, and more.

I am truly in my element when I am creating something. Sometimes creation is in the form of figuring out a piece of code or creating a website. Other times, it is as simple as adding pages to my organization book. It has taken me years to realize that I become energized when creating and learning new things, not by taking a nap. ūüôā

I am happily married and have a darling daughter who is just about done her out-of-the-box homeschooling days.

What else? I have a dream to live in a tiny house or an RV. It may never happen, but I do enjoy planning ways that it could happen (there is that creativity, again).  Simplicity and minimalism are things I work on daily: making wise choices about how I spend my time and money, as well as opting for experiences over things.

I invite you to follow this blog via WordPress or email (sign-ups are to the right). No guarantees how often I will post. I’ve done the blogging thing before, and I’m not, honestly, in this to get a huge following and social media presence. ¬†Gasp!

Also, if you are feeling bold, join my Happy At Home Insider E-Newsletter. Honestly, I have no idea if I will do anything with it. This was one of those cases where I added it because I wanted to see if I could remember how to do it.

If you are still reading, well, thanks. I wish you a peace-filled and glorious day.