Minivan Camping: DIY Porta Potty

Bathroom emergencies on the road.


With years of interest in the tiny house movement, lately, I have been exploring the idea of a trailer or RV for long trips. I dragged my family to an RV dealer one weekend. They came along reluctantly, but we all left with interesting thoughts and opinions on what was more appealing: Trailer vs. RV; Class C or Class A.; Ooo, class B is nice, you can drive that anywhere.

The reality of purchasing one of these isn’t in the soon-to-happen cards. However, in my planning of an upcoming camping trip (the first one in a long time), and my husband’s comment that he likes the idea of a Class B van, Google led me to the minivan camping/van dweller community online.

HomemadePortAPottyOkay, I own a Honda Odyssey. THIS I can do, and I’m excited about it! This week, I am working on bug screens for a couple of windows, but today, I made this DIY Porta Potty. I want to say it is for “Just in Case,” but as a serious listener of The Minimalists podcast, I’m going to say it is for “Just for When.”

I will be sure to provide an update on if it is actually usable. 🙂

Add some kitty litter, and it should solve any bathroom emergencies on the road. The addition of a pop-up changing tent would be even better. [I head back to Google.]

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Author: Christine

Coffee-loving wife and mother. Thrilled to coach women through their entry into empty nesting: always with a conscious effort to laugh through the adventure that is life, and never taking myself too seriously.

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