#9 Favorite Podcasts

Since the beginning of the year, I have been listening to podcasts often. These are my current top five.


Since the beginning of the year, I have been listening to podcasts often. These are my top five:

Up First: NPR: I was on the search for something that would update me on politics without strong emotions attached, as I was frustrated with the angry political rants happening (on both sides) that sometimes would draw me away from the actual story. Goodness gracious, this was not easy to find. However, once I discovered NPR’s Up First podcast, life improved for me. This podcast is about ten minutes long and is typically posted by 6 AM, Monday through Friday. Up First provides the perfect amount up information and analysis. As for emotional commentary – there is only time for a sigh here and there or some giggles.

The Life Coach School Podcast: Brooke Castillo has changed my life. Really. My thoughts are clearer and kinder (to myself especially) than they have been in years due to Brooke’s podcasts. These are out every Thursday, and I have yet to find a podcast of Brooke’s that hasn’t given me multiple things to think about and apply in my life.

The Minimalists Podcast: I have a dream to live in an RV or a tiny home at some point in my life (hubby not so much), so this podcast is my jam.

Creating Disney Magic: Lessons in Leadership, Management & Customer Service: I have been working my way through this podcast, as I love all things Walt Disney World. While much of what I have listened to (thus far) is not new to me, I enjoy the stories Lee Cockerill shares very much.

NPR’s Planet Money: This one is a filler for me when I need a break from everything else. It is not like anything I would think about listening to, but the stories are crazy interesting.

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Author: Christine

Coffee-loving wife and mother. Thrilled to coach women through their entry into empty nesting: always with a conscious effort to laugh through the adventure that is life, and never taking myself too seriously.

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