#4 How to make others respect your time at home. Part 3: Learn to say, “No.”

A continuation from my last post (3 of 3): When you feel others ask too much of you, the problem may be your lack of ability to say, “No.”


Disclaimer: This advice is for mature adults who tend to lean toward people-pleasing. Obviously, not for life-threatening situations. 🙂 


If you aren’t used to saying, “No,” maybe you should give it a try, this week.

Not only that, say it without feeling the need to give 40 excuses for saying, “No.”

Guess what? You will live through it. You may even find it empowering.

“No, that won’t work for me.”

“No, thank you.”

“I appreciate the offer but, I’m not available.”  Gasp!  You don’t even have to tell them what you are doing that has you unavailable.

My schedule and planning help me tremendously. Even when I’m mostly home with what may seem to others “not much to do” – I’m busy planning events, learning new skills, preparing for the next stage in life, organizing my daughter’s homeschooling, and more. It is easy to leave all of this off my calendar and see a whole bunch of free days, but what happens is anything I should have been doing now jumps into the next day where I wake up and already feel behind. The best way for me, personally, to fix this is to schedule things out. Some days, I list my top three things to do, and I don’t put times on them. Other days, I time things out (padded well, to keep me calm).

Along with our family calendar/google calendar, I use a composition notebook to keep me on track and organized. I’ll share a bit in my next post.

Do I always say, “No,”?  Not exactly, I am simply choosy about the who/what/where/whens in my life.

Having my schedule/goals figured out in advance, provides me with boundaries to know when saying, “No,” will ultimately bring me peace.





Author: Christine

Coffee-loving wife and mother. Thrilled to coach women through their entry into empty nesting: always with a conscious effort to laugh through the adventure that is life, and never taking myself too seriously.

3 thoughts on “#4 How to make others respect your time at home. Part 3: Learn to say, “No.””

    1. Oprah taught me this years ago. It’s a simple concept but so many just can’t do it. One is my DH. I tell him, look ahead to how you’re going to feel about doing (whatever) when the day comes. If you know you will dread it, say no now!!! He CANNOT do this.

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      1. It isn’t easy. It wasn’t for me at first, now I’m kind of addicted to it. LOL. My new line is to consult with “future Christine” about the decision. There is much wisdom within our own minds. WE just have to trust it. Maybe if DH could talk to future DH about his decision what would he say? Maybe he’ll listen to himself? 😉 He might even curse him out. 😉 LOL.
        Sounds weird but I went on a limb and tried it one day, I had my answer within two minutes – no weird stuff. Actually, quite simple.


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